Green Living Tips in Pearland From Crossing at 288

It is never too late to start practicing habits for green living in Pearland. The first step to a more environmentally-friendly life is learning more about the ways you can help our planet. Just changing, small daily habits can have a huge impact on our planet. Crossing at 288 has gathered a list of tips and tricks for implementing a life of green living in Pearland.

Eat Organic Vegetables from Chipotle

Supporting organic farming will help lower the number of chemicals in our air supply. The process of non-organic farming generally uses toxic pesticides that keep the bugs at away from the plants. Eat at Chipotle to practice green living in Pearland and support organic vegetables that will support green living.

Skip the Straw at Panera Bread

People have been filling the news with stories about how straws are bad for the environment, Unfortunately, they were right. Ocean creatures think the straws are food and try to swallow them. So next time you are grabbing a meal at Panera Bread in Crossing at 288, say yes to the bagel but no to the straw. This is one of the easiest ways, to support green living in Pearland.

Invest in Reusable Shopping Bags

When you are shopping at Old Navy in Crossing at 288, practice this helpful tip for green living in Pearland. Bring your own reusable shopping bag, to reduce the amount of plastic bags being used.

Don’t Recycle Your Receipt

Recycling old receipts can actually harm the environment. In the receipt paper, On the shopping receipt, there is a dangerous chemical called BPA that is ordinarily, often found in most kinds of plastic. So, when you are shopping at JC Penny in Crossing at 288 keep your receipt or put it in the trash. Putting it into the recycling can change the chemical state of other recycled material.

Practicing these tips for green living in Pearland can help the environment for years to come. We can all help keep Pearland beautiful with a little bit of effort. Check out our blog for other ways to shop at Crossing at 288!

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